Are women not worthy of adventures?

I burst with pride that I live with passion. That I can pack in a backpack without a million clothes. That I can spend few days on the hiking trail in the Arctic Circle, or hitchhike several thousand kilometers, or trust a stranger, who will show me how the real life in the jungle looks like.

I am proud that I create an amazing catalogue of memories that someday I’ll tell my children and grandchildren about.

But most of all I am proud of the fact that I’m a woman, and although I know how to wear high-heeled shoes, I can also reject the European lifestyle and travel for a few weeks without makeup and with washing my clothes in the well (because usually I only have a few items).

For adventure I can give up all the comforts I have at home. Because I know that it’s worth. Because I know that no all inclusive will guarantee these memories.

And so I began to organize trips signed with my own name, different from the massive holidays and all inclusive, aimed at women who do not want to travel alone with a backpack.

Ok, this is not reaching summits and poles, it’s not about such extreme adventures. But If you have the appropriate approach, even an ordinary tramp with a backpack, taking a tuk tuk or safari can be an adventure (especially if we do not have such experience every day). And I offer exactly this.

Woman traveler looking at Batur volcano

And few months ago I got this email:

You have an offer of trips for women. It might be worth to prepare something for men. I can help you with organizing trip to Africa. Off-road vehicle, riding in the area, gravel roads, canyons, waterfalls, wilderness, national parks with huge variety of animals. Sleeping on the roof of the car, full camping equipment (professional). If interested, please contact me.

End of the message. It’s a copy-paste, I’ve changed nothing here (only translated).

I read this and just sighed heavily. Because I have the impression that the author of the e-mail does not know that women can really leave the high-heeled shoes at home.

I don’t even mention the fact that this guy probably haven’t read the section about the idea of the trips. In fact, he probably only saw part of small groups and backpacking and stated that he would write, because it’s a chance to succeed!

And the idea of our trips is noble, oh, is noble!

The point is that I do not organize trips for women just to lie on the beach together and gossip, or go shopping. Unfortunately, many people think so and, yes, I’ve even heard some funny ideas that I’m a radical feminist or lesbian because I focus solely on women (note, I’ve heard it’s from the men only).

You see, the point is that I organize trips for women for a higher purpose.

I admit and I’m pretty sure you know already that I do not have problems with solo backpacking, but I realize that there are women who would like to try this way of travelling, but they are simply afraid to travel and they don’t have the company to travel with.

I could say that in that case, sorry, but that’s life. Someone travels, and someone else only dreams about such trips. Anyway, it’s not even about the dream, it’s about trying, facing yourself in a new situation.

I could say, ‘I’m sorry’ and continue to do what I do.

And here we come to the point of idea, mission and changing the world:

Not only I do not say so, it’s still going out with a proposal: come with me, and maybe you’ll see how it looks like and in the future you’ll dare to go solo. Or maybe you would not like it, but you’ll get the experience, you will know what really bothered you, and what was once only prejudice.

I UNDERSTAND that not every woman dares to travel alone and for these women I organize trips. I give them the opportunity to collect nice memories that all inclusive will not give.

And then I get this email and I sigh with hopelessness.

You know what I mean? The second sentence: It might be worth to prepare something for men.

Holy cow, and why not for instance: It might be worth to prepare a female trip to Africa?

Why according to the author of this e-mail, and probably all of those who call me a feminist or suggest me to take a pickaxe and went to the mine (seriously, I’ve heard it, too), why they think it is not worth to arrange something for women?

This is not about sleeping conditions, because I think there would be 5-10 females who wish to go on a jeep trip around canyons, waterfalls, into the wilderness and safari. And sleeping on the roof of the car do not bother them. (Who would love to try that trip, reveal yourself in the comment box below! No commitments! :D)

Wouldn’t bother? Indeed, they would be delighted! I’d be delighted with this idea, ahoy, adventure! And I know that I am not alone in this. I know that the constant desire to travel and adventures and live in unique way are not only my qualities. There are more women like me, because I know a few!

I am writing this text while coming back from the travel markets in Berlin and I am looking forward to the upcoming months, as I’ve gathered contacts to the people of Sri Lanka who’ll help me to organize a two-day safari in Yala National Park with overnight stay IN the park! I’ve also gathered a lot of information and contacts about the trip to Israel and Jordan, with a touch of thrill in the Negev desert. (And if Israel and Jordan are friendly to women travelers, we’ll find out in the second half of the year!) And all of this of course aimed at women.

Okay, it is not Namibia and sleeping on the roof of the jeep yet. But I’m just starting, give me some time to spin up. (Actually, is Sri Lanka worse than Namibia? It’s not. It’s just different!) My head is full of ideas, the enthusiasm for work and motivation. I’ll rock!

So here is my appeal to anyone who wants to tell me that it is worth to organize adventures for men, not for women:

Get lost. We are not in any way weaker or worse, we’re awesome.

And you know what? I know that it is worth to organize trips for women. Each of us, in every age, married or not, with or without children, every one of us deserves to fulfill her dreams, try new things, gain experience, live the adventure.

There is no such thing like NOT WORTH.

I am very curious of your (ladies and gents!) opinion on adventures, female travels and mail that I’ve received. Have I started to pick holes in something because of all those feminists and pickaxes or is it still a topic that upsets many people, mainly women? Feel free to discuss in the comments below the text!

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