Why you should visit Budapest at least once in a lifetime

Budapest was one of the must-see cities on my bucket list. I tried to go there two times already before I really made my dream come true in January 2014. At last!

I spent in Budapest 3 full days, but I think that 2 would also be enough. It depends what you want to do, see, visit. I like sightseeing, museums, galleries… Learning about history or geography, other cultures etc. I hate to sit in one place and do nothing.

Budapest didn’t dissapoint me. Quite the opposite – I was astonished by its architecture and monuments. Budapest is called Paris of the East and now I’m not surprised about that. I loved it especially at night! Today I would like to show you Budapest from my point of view.

There are some very important and interesting places to visit in the city and also some view points, from where you can take really nice pictures. These are mine:

view from the Gellert Hill

Climbing the Gellert Hill can be exhousting for some people but you can take a bus no. 27. It goes from Sánc utca or Móricz Zsigmond körtér bus stop (they’re on the opposite sites of the hill). You just have to leave on Búsuló Juhász bus stop and walk a little bit to the Citadel. Believe me, you will save much of energy and time this way!

view from Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion
view of the Parliament from Batthyány tér
view of Széchenyi Chain Bridge and Buda Castle from Danube Promenade
the view of Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion from Danube Promenade
the view from Margeret Bridge
the view from the top of Szt. István Bazilika    
Szt. István Bazilika

But there are also other places that you should visit for sure! I haven’t been to some of them, because they were closed, but this is why I have to and want to go to Budapest again.

First of all, visit the interior of Parliament:

Take a ride with the first metro line in the continental Europe. It was built in 1896 and it’s really tiny, trains have only 3 wagons and 16 places to sit in each!

It runs just under the most representative street of Budapest, Andrássy Avenue. Here is also very important for Hungarian history museum, House of Terror. The yellow line of metro ends in the City Park, where are the Heroes’ Square, Museum of Fine Arts and Vajdahunyad Castle.

Heroes’ Square

visit budapest

the Museum of Fine Arts
Vajdahunyad Castle

And don’t forget about the Old Town and Buda Castle. Here is the small but with very picturesque (literally, because its walls are covered with pictures) Matthias Church. Just behind it is Fisherman’s Bastion.

Matthias Church

Fisherman’s Bastion

Budapest didn’t dissapoint me. The city is beautiful equally during the night and during the day. I love its architecture (and for me it’s a form of art), I love the interior of Parliament and Matthias Church, I love walking on the Promenade and in the parks and streets. Entrance fees are a little bit high but I think it’s worth to pay.

I haven’t been to the House of Terror because it was closed but I really want to visit Budapest again and see this museum. I have seen the city during winter so now it’s time to take a look when it’s green and blooming so spring or summer would be the perfect period of time.

And I put Budapest on my list of 10 favourite cities in Europe (and the list is still open). Once in a life-time everyone should visit it!

Have you ever been to Budapest? Did you like it? And if not, would you like to visit it? Share your opinion with us! 

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