Ultimate winter weekend packing list!

Weekend in winter? Yes, of course! How to pack a hand luggage so we will not take too much, forget anything and will not freeze during sightseeing? I present you my universal winter weekend packing list!

winter weekend packing list

Czytaj ten wpis po polsku!

I came up with the idea to write this post after I saw some winter weekend packing lists of people who have probably never been to Eastern Europe or Scandinavia. Seriously, some light coats, boots, hats, scarves. Okay, I understand that winter in recent years is not that harsh but still, it’s a bit cold. So I thought that I’ll present to you my ultimate winter weekend packing list. Cold and snowy or warmer and snowless, but still winter!

Oh, one more thing. If you expect a packing list for hiking in the mountains, go look for tips somewhere else. Here we go on a city break, ladies. We want to be fashionable. 😀

And I agree I’m not a fashion blogger but I had lots of fun preparing this post!

winter weekend packing list

In winter I always try to remember about my two principles:
1. There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.
2. It’s better to have something to take off, than not have enough clothes to wear.

End of philosophy. There is one important thing you can not forget before packing for your winter weekend:

WEATHER. I check the forecast one day before departure. Not a week earlier, not three days earlier. One day before. And I pay attention to four things: temperature, falls, humidity and wind speed. Because even if it is zero degrees or two, and the humidity or wind speed will be high, it’s just going to be cold.

Winter weekend packing list: my luggage

You think that hand luggage is too small to take everything what you need? For a weekend it’s enough! I usually pack my things into a small suitcase, but if I’m going somewhere with the low-cost airlines a backpack (the size of the school backpack) is enough.

If traveling by train, bus or regular airlines, I also have the additional purse, which fits an A4 folder. If you’re using the low-cost airlines, I recommend to take into your suitcase an eco bag, which practically does not take up any space, or a tiny bag to wear over shoulder.

winter weekend packing list
my suitcase

Winter weekend packing list: boots, hat, gloves

I like to stay warm while sightseeing so I always take a hat, a scarf, warm shoes and gloves. In fact I have two sets: one for harsh snowy winter and another one for warmer days.

For harsh winter I take my fake-fur set with Siberian hat, warm thick-soled shoes (additionally I wear with them long thick wool socks), but emu shoes are also good. Besides, I have warm woolen gloves with sheepskin 😀 I admit that this set is so warm that I dream to go with it to Lapland in winter!

If the temperature is going to be higher, I take a lighter set – long leather gloves, hat and black leather boots. And always a scarf! I hate it when a cold wind gets under my collar!

And besides, I always have sunglasses. Doesn’t matter if it’s snowy or not – the winter sun always shines in the eyes. 😉

Winter weekend packing list: my sets of clothes

The key is to take universal items of clothing so they’ll fit together in any combination. They should be also warm and resistant to wrinkles. And also perfect for casual going out for a beer and an official meeting at the same time.

I always take:
– black trousers (not jeans, because they’re not warm enough)
– black warm leggins (also as an extra layer under trousers if needed)
– 2 blouses with sleeves of 3/4 length
– a cardigan
– poncho
– a long warm sweater
– veeery long sweater to the ground (in hostels works great as a wrapper… a dressing gown? :D)
– long wool socks up to knees
– pajama
– underwear
– sock-slippers with rubber soles, because I always get cold feet 😀
– flip flops (for shower in the hostel)
– toiletry bag and towel
– sunglasses and umbrella – always!
– thermos (to avoid stopping in every cafe, especially in Scandinavia)

The end. More is not necessary. All this fits into my small suitcase and there is still space for a computer!

Any winter weekend tour will be terrible if we dress up warmly and prepare well.

If you plan a sightseeing for all day long, remember to make a break in the middle of the day to for a warm meal. But not for some fastfood, go somewhere for a real dinner. The best for warming up is soup!

And after a long day of sightseeing in cold I recommend an evening with a glass of hot beer, hot wine or a glass of hot raspberry juice with a slice of lemon. Warms up immediately! 🙂

So, are you ready for a winter weekend in one of the cities in Central-Eastern Europe or Scandinavia? 🙂

What do you think about my winter weekend packing list? Do you have some of your favorite things to take with you on any weekend trip? Maybe some favorite warm clothes? Or maybe even you recommend good ways to warm up during the day of sightseeing? Share your opinion in the comment box below!

PS. Thanks to my sister Marta, who played the role of my personal paparazzo and went to the park to take pictures. Muah! :*

winter weekend packing list

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  1. Hi Hanna! Great post! What kind of black trousers do you wear which are warmer than jeans? I love to wear skinny ones, using skiing underwear wherever I go. Make sure the skinny is not too skinny. Good qualitiy skiing underwear is my winter travel hack Nr. 1. E.g. odlo or falke. Expensive at first sight, but lasting ten years and more. Keeps you warm even 20 degrees below zero. Love your blog!! Your winter city look is cute and sexy!

    • Sabine, thanks for your comment! Feel free to stay here 😉
      When it’s really cold I also wear a skiing underwear under my trousers 😉 The black one I wear are slimming trousers made of some synthetic fabrics but unfortunately there is no label to check.

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