TOP 5 places to visit in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of those tiny countries in Europe, where we can spend a week and we’d have problem with making a decision what to do, or we can go for two weeks and still we’ll not be bored! Here are my favourite top 5 places to visit in Slovenia.

1. Bovec area

places to visit in slovenia

Hey, hey! Any adrenaline junkies here? Go to Bovec, now! Rafting, canyoning, kayaking, mountaineering, zip line ride, cycling and hiking trails, golf… And these views, ah! Bovec lies in perfectly flat vast valley surrounded by alpine peaks. We spent 5 days there and … it was too little! Still too little! And when I think about that waterfall, which looked like from a film and we could get under it and jump to the lake beneath it… It was paradise on earth! We definitely want to go back!

Click here to read more about Bovec and see our film!

Bovec was supposed to be on the 2nd place of this list, but it won over Piran by the number of activities it offers.

2. Piran

places to visit in slovenia

I love Mediterranean tiny towns, especially those Italian. Piran was once a Venetian fortress so it’s just perfect for me. The town is small (17.000 Inhabitants), but that’s why it’s charming and full of narrow passages between houses. What’s more, there are several places to swim in the warm Adriatic and plenty of pubs and restaurants with great seafood. Oh, when I remind myself the calmari we had there…!

3. Ljulbjana

places to visit in slovenia

Ljubljana is just perfect for 1-2 days. It’s not big, there are not many monuments that you “have to” see, but it has – at least in my opinion – amazing atmosphere! A little bit like Italian dolce vita, only in Slavic way. I could live there. This is one of my favorite capitals of Europe!

4. Postojna cave

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More than 10,000 (!) caves are known in Slovenia, and Postojna is the second longest (over 20km long). I’ve heard opinions that it is overrated, but I cannot agree with them. We liked it. I felt a bit like in Moria from the Lord of the Rings, but I like caves, so my opinion is very subjective. However, I think that 23 euros for entrance is just too much…

Click here to read more about Postojna Cave!

5. Lake Bled

places to visit in slovenia

Google “Slovenia” and you’ll see Bled. Beautiful turquoise lake with a distinctive church on an island in the middle. Ok, I admit, it was nice and worth to see, but Bled has not won my heart. Not like Bovec or Piran, but maybe it’s because of the weather. While we were walking around the lake (approx. 2-3 hours, depending on the pace) it was perfect, sunny and warm. But when it rains … There is really nothing to do.


There are plenty of other places in Slovenia that you may want to see, such as picturesque towns of Ptuj, Škofja Loka and Novo Mesto, Lake Bohinj, Portoroz by the seaside (although for me it was too, um … modern), Skocjan caves, but to do some comfortable sightseeing around Slovenia you’ll need a car (which we don’t have).

I fell in love with Slovenia. We will go back there for sure (as soon as we buy a car :D). And I admit that I could even live there. This is one of those countries, what probably has everything I would have expected. Sea, mountains, beautiful towns, vineyards, wonderful climate and even the Austrian order to find! The only thing I don’t like is euro …;)

Have you ever been to Slovenia? What did you like the most? And if not – would like to go there? What place from this ranking you would like to visit? Share your opinion in the comments!

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