My seven little travel deviations

Every one of us has some deviations, strange habits. We do something that others find weird or eccentric. Today on the blog I share with you my travel abnormalities.

I’m very busy with writing a guide lately, and I do not have much time or inspiration for writing new blog posts. A few days ago, however, my hand was itching me to write something personal, and the same time on Facebook I saw few posts of different bloggers’ who wrote about their seven small deviations. So, as this is a travel blog, let’s focus on travel theme: here are my seven small travel deviations.

And do you have your little unusual travel habits? Something weird or funny? Or maybe some of my deviations are very similar to yours? Share your opinions in the comments box below the text!

1. I write down every expense

This is probably my biggest weird habits of all, yet very practical. I note every expense, even the smallest, like buying tissues. Thanks to that I know how much I spent during my trip on food, transportation, visa, accommodation, etc.

I got used to that so much that I started doing the same with my private expenses. Mainly to stop wasting money on things I don’t need and save it for my trip. I use a very convenient app for MacBook called Inspire Finance, which is one of my favourite programs. I can say that a decade ago I was inexperienced (and who is not after graduating high school?!) in tracking home budget. Now I have everything under control!

easy, it’s just a preview from the website 😉

2. I study on the road

I love to improve, and I always have to learn something new on the road. And I do not mean self-development, but such areas of knowledge as history, biology or geography. At school, I liked these subjects, but overall I was a very average schoolgirl because I do not like when I’m forced to do something. But now nobody is standing over me with a whip, so I discover material from high school in my way – mainly through travelling.

History of the world is my thing. No one forces me to learn it so that I can read 1000-pages books of world’s history. I am interested in everything – from antiquity to the twentieth century. EVERYTHING. Therefore, I like to sightsee on my own because I can sit in the museum or somewhere in ruins for hours. I thought I would die with happiness in Israel and Jordan – there were so many ancient stones! You wouldn’t like to be my guide – I’d overwhelm you with detailed questions.

Petra – my favourite place in the world!

3. I learn foreign languages

I love learning foreign languages, and in every country, I am trying to catch some basic phrases. That is why I like travelling slowly, staying in one place and giving myself more time to learn new words in a local language. Now I catch more and more sentences in Vietnamese, which I can use in everyday life, but also many words I don’t need. Like animals that I probably will not use (like ‘a dinosaur’ – khủng long – pronounce: hun lon).

Vietnamese came to me accidentally, but I also have some languages on my list that I want to learn better, like Arabic or Japanese. I love foreign languages, their logic or lack thereof, discovering grammar complexities, and above all – surprise and smile on the faces of my local interlocutors when I use their language!

4. I keep lists like crazy

I love lists, although they do not necessarily have to be in the traditional list form. 😉 Maybe I like them so much because I see my progress? I look at the list and think “you can do more – push!” I have the map of the visited countries, the application on FB Cities I’ve Visited, the map of my flights, the list of books to read, the list of entries to write, very long bucket list, list of places to visit in Poland… Can I tick off all points? Probably not, but the biggest fun is just chasing a bunny, not catching him!

3 times around Earth!

5. I’m a planning junkie

I’m planning something all the time, that’s why I love my travel bullet journal so much. I plan what I have to do tomorrow and what next month. I just stopped making far-reaching plans, because I prefer to go with the flow, but don’t worry – I have a purpose in life.

In travel, I usually have a list of attractions to see in a particular place. If I have limited time I do a day or a week plan, although I try to leave some space for spontaneous discoveries. I use lists, tables and maps. And I love it so much, maybe that’s why it’s so fun for me to organize my backpacking trips for women.

6. I love maps

I do not know when it started because I do not remember that as a child I was tracking maps, but… I love maps. A few years ago I bought a huge atlas of the world because we had the old one with the Soviet Union (“Some children do not even have one like that” my dad said). Before falling asleep, I looked at the shapes of countries, their neighbours, rivers, mountains, etc. Such a perversion. In Poland on the wall, I had a map of Europe, in Vietnam – a map of Vietnam of course and yet I am hunting for a map of South East Asia!

7. I am thrilled by the space

This is probably the strangest of my deviations. When I’m standing on the ocean shore or in the desert, and I see the horizon ahead of me, I sigh strangely and get excited at the same time. There is such a huge world to discover there! That’s probably why I love taking a plane because where do you find more space like not up in the sky? I cry with a longing when I see the plane…

However, I never felt this space in the mountains. I always had the impression that mountains surround me, limit this space … (I know it’s strange.) And then I went to the Himalayas. Oh, it’s so much space there! You just feel its enormity and the closeness of the universe! I love it!

oh, the Himalayas!


I made my coming out. My little travel perversions that I adore, I cherish, I am not ashamed of them, and even I am proud of them! And what are your travel deviations, huh? 🙂

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