Round the world without money!

Is it time for round the world journey? Yes!!! Without a plan and without (big) money. A journey I’ve always dreamed of. It’s time to fulfill this dream finally! I’m leaving in 45 days.

When I was in high school 10 years ago, I dreamed of a great adventure somewhere in the world. No, sorry, I dreamed just to be on the road constantly. But, honestly, when 18-year-old talks about things like living on the road, you know how anybody more “experienced” in life is going to comment it, right? Ok, Hanna, you’ll have a life like this. But first, graduate and find well-paid job because somehow you have to pay for you trips, right? And later you’ll travel as much as you want. Which means as much as you are allowed by the statutory (in Poland) 26 days of holidays and your boss. 


Czytaj ten wpis po polsku!

So that’s what Hanna did. She chose a less satisfactory, but safer and more stable path. But Hanna is a volcano. And you cannot just fill up a volcano and wait until it mutes. Overwhelmed volcano is boiling inside until it explodes, destroying everything around.

I exploded. I turned my life upside down, left all paved, safe paths, closed the last chapters. I am leaving.

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At the beginning I did not want to describe how I feel. I thought, that hardly anyone understands this, and besides, why should I? But on the other hand, those feelings could encourage someone to find their own path in life.

Because it is not so, that the only right path to follow in life is a full-time job, fixed salary, a house, mortgage, children and a car. The only right way is the one that gives happiness, a sense of harmony, inner peace, which will not be destroyed by any storms. But finding this path is not a walk on the cobbled clean pavement. It is poring with a machete through the jungle full of vanomous snakes and tropical rains, and in general you don’t even know where this road leads. No wonder that most people are scared and give up even before they start. They choose the less exciting but more reliable scenario. But if they feel the inner peace with that, it’s good.

The problem is that for a long time I haven’t felt this peace. The sense that I’m not in the right place grew inside my soul. My heart craved for the great journey, but something in my head stopped me. I thought I have to work on my business, take care of my financial stability so I will not starve somewhere in the world. I told myself that after every trip I have to come back home to Poland. Finally, in February, I was so depressed with getting stuck that for two weeks I avoided people, cried for no reason, suffered from insomnia, I took calming down drugs, and as a result I lost 10 kg. Then one day I woke up with the feeling that if something does not change now, this extreme depression will threaten my life forever. It was terrifying perspective.

I packed some basic stuff into my backpack and went for a few days to France, I left my company (for a while). I told myself that only I can create my happiness and my reality and the one that I have now in general does not satisfy me. I don’t want that.

And suddenly, magic things began to happen. As if the universe stated that “ok, Hanna had her lesson, now we can help her a bit” and sent me more and more great opportunities, contracts, great people. It helped me to make a decision: I’m leaving.

Round the world trip – how will I do that?

Bitter complaints are over, now it’s time for happiness!

I’m really leaving. Not that I’m going on a vacation. I’m going to get to know the countries that have always attracted me, immerse myself in a completely different cultures. I’m going on an endless journey round the world. Without money.

But… like how? What does it mean: an endless journey without money?

I wrote that for a reason. 😉 Firstly, because I do not give myself a time limit. Now I know that probably I will be in Southeast Asia until the end of 2017. First Sri Lanka and the Maldives, then in October, the Philippines, and then… we’ll see. I do not make plans because plans limit me. And I hate to be limited!

Secondly, I’m going without money. Without BIG money. I was able to save only a small amount of money for a rainy day. I saved it in Poland and without a full time job. So if you live in Western Europe or US and have a 9-5 work, it will be easier for you. Why I’m going without money? Because it will be more life in the journey than the journey itself – as in every country, you have to make money to survive, the same is in traveling full time. I can say that I will be a digital nomad, location independent. At least this is the plan for now. I do not know what future has in store for me, but I’m open for all opportunities. However, the point is to earn money through remote work and reduce travel costs in various ways (like working in the hostels). What else? I will write for you about that.

Am I not afraid? Of course, I am. But even more frightening to me is life without trying. I can manage. I want to try!

I closed almost all the personal chapters in Poland. I am finishing with the last ones. Will I ever come back? Yes, of course! When? I do not know. Probably when I miss pierogi with berries and sugar enough.

During my trip I will write a lot about money. Because in many countries, like in Poland, money is taboo. It has been always my biggest fear – if I can handle it, or will I run out of money and starve? I have found only few websites or blogs that sincerely would inform about financial issues during long journey. Around this topic arose so many myths and stereotypes, that I want to make this topic clear. And helpful.

Oh, and my blog. It will grow. I still have topics from Israel and Jordan to write about, but be patient. For sure I will not forget about them. Besides my blogging became more professional, I cannot imagine this journey without my blog. I will give you practical information about countries, private entries about life, ups and downs on the road, and the travel advice how to take a trip like that.

There are 45 days left and a lot of things to do. But I’m happy. Mainly that I’ve finally got my act together for the journey. I have already a one way ticket. I will have a new passport in 10 days. There are also concerns, as always. But in the end I chose a good motto: Real life starts where fear ends.

My better life, Asia, here I come!

keep your fingers crossed!


  1. AWESOME!!! I’m sure all will turn for the better and you will have tonnes of fun but also tonnes of good experiences! 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I’m not sure if I have courage or… if I’m just crazy! Maybe it’s the second option 😉

  2. What is ‘crazy’ anyway? I enjoyed reading your blog.
    Planning to explore Georgia, Armenia, Caucasus

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