New Zealand for First Time Solo Female Travel

So you’ve decided you want to go solo for the first time. CONGRATULATIONS! Now you’re next big decision (and maybe the most exciting) is figuring out where you want to go. Your options are pretty much endless and it can seem overwhelming but I’m here to tell you about what I think is one of the best spots to take off on your first solo adventure – New Zealand.

A country gaining more & more popularity every year and for good reason. Home to glaciers, incredible mountains, adventure sports & of course Middle Earth. As a solo female traveler New Zealand is one of the safest places you can visit & feel right at home.

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Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand

One of the first things you’ll need is a visa even if you’re looking to go for a few weeks or a year long Working Holiday Visa. Make sure you research all the details required for the appropriate visa you’ll be needing; all that information can be found of the New Zealand Immigration website. From there it’s just a matter of booking a flight, packing your bag & saying “see ya later” to your friends & family!

Whether you decide to start your adventures on the North or South Island there is something exciting for everyone to enjoy no matter where you choose. Do you love the small surf towns on the coast? Raglan is where I’d suggest you make a stop. Want to hike to your hearts content? Mount Cook will definitely keep you in awe. Looking for warm sandy beaches & crystal clear oceans? The Bay of Islands will set you up nicely for a perfect tan. Snow lovers? Never fear, head down to Queenstown to get your snow fix & get in on some epic parties!

Or maybe a road trip?

One thing that is very common in NZ is to rent a camper van and explore both islands on a road trip. This is something that can be done solo or with a group. If your solo and hesitant to go on a road trip like that, ask around the hostel and see if anyone else has the same idea in mind or may already have those plans but looking for a buddy. Just because you set off on this adventure solo doesn’t mean you’ll spend your entire trip that way.

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More often than not in a short time somewhere you’ll find other solo travelers & become fast friends. If your shy don’t worry, you’ll find with each step you take on your trip that shyness melting away.

What travelling solo can give you?

Solo travel gives you the opportunity it find out just how capable you are of going it alone & possibly falling in love with that kind of travel. While meeting other backpackers/travelers will be fairly easy while staying in hostels and exploring new cities you’ll also get the chance (hopefully) to meet local New Zealanders, who are by far some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They want to share their beautiful country with anyone who asks. The culture & history alone is something that every Kiwi you meet is passionate about.

When it comes to safety out & about in New Zealand the people of the country have a lot to do with it. Living in New Zealand for a year myself I never found myself worried about being out at night or felt uncomfortable asking for directions from anyone. Like in your day to day life if you’re smart & make wise choices there is no reason for you not to experience the beauty & safety that New Zealand has to offer solo female travelers.

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About the author

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Laura is a self-proclaimed wanderluster extraordinaire who has spent the last 6 years exploring the world & her own backyard. From working in a little beach town on Australia’s East Coast, to sliding down an active volcano in Nicaragua, climbing up 1400 vertical wooden steps in Hawaii to sailing thousands of feet in the air behind a boat on New Zealand’s North Island. There is so much of the world she has yet to see, so many people she has yet to meet. And as long as she has this insanely addictive passion for travel nothing will keep her from exploring all that’s out there to be explored and sharing it with all of you.

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