My year 2015 and plans for 2016

A few days ago I was depressed and for the first time in the history of the blog I didn’t want to do a summary of the year, of 2015. Normally it doesn’t happen that the future looks bleak for me, usually I’m full of energy to act.

But now I’m just in a fairly stressful time in my life. And instead of seeing the past year a very successful (because really a lot happened!), the negative side completely dominated my mood.

But I do not want to focus on this black part, because life is a wave, and once we are at the bottom and later on top again. The negative aspects relate to my private life, so forgive me, but I’m not going to drag them here. 😉

For sure I have one resolution related to private life for 2016: listen only to the voice of your own heart, and not any golden tips given by others, unless you ask for them. I have learned by now that even if the heart will tell me wrong and I make a mistake, I have bigger satisfaction from gained experience than from doing something by the advice of others. Theoretically, we should learn from others’ mistakes, but for me it just doesn’t work. This year I put on listening to my heart, intuition or whatever you call it. Because this year I’m going to be fucking happy. It’s enough that I’ve been unhappy for almost the entire 2015. Enough. Some chapters are going to be closed in the next few weeks / months and I will never go back to them.

But this post was not mention to focus on the negative side! Time for positives !!! 🙂

So my positive side are… travel and work, simple. 🙂 For some people trips are a way to take a break from work, but I always wanted travelling to be my work and this is what I achieved in 2015. This year I travelled even more than in previous years, because I spent 182 days (six months!!!) on the road. It’s about 73 days more than in 2014, and in 2016 it’s going to be even more! Frankly, I can’t yet say that traveling gives me a stable income (welcome to the world of a freelancer, I really do not know now if I will ever have a stable income), but I’m improving myself and want to achieve that.

So where I was in 2015?

In short: Berlin, Amsterdam, Sri Lanka, Georgia and Armenia, a few weeks trips in Poland, Israel and Jordan, England and finally again in Sri Lanka. Among all these countries Israel and Jordan were awaited the most (13 years!) I was there in 2002, always wanted to go back and at last it succeeded.

This year I managed to write one book guide (I’m waiting for the correction) and an article for a travel magazine, organise 3 my own expedition for women, cooperate with one tourism organization, 4 hostels, 5 private companies, be on two meetings of Polish Travel Bloggers in Cieszyn and lead dozen smaller tours of Poland.

This year I’ve implemented my plan of becoming my own boss, the captain of my own ship. It was hard, but it was worth it. I love what I do because I do what I love.

My work is my passion and I love it. I wake up without an alarm clock at 6 am and sit down willingly to my computer with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I don’t go away from it for long hours. Sometimes, of course, I have a crisis, and I do not want to work anymore, but then I take a break, even for few days. When I have the energy I can work without weekends, and when I feel overworked I can do the weekend on Saturday, Wednesday, or even from Saturday to Wednesday. My work is my backyard. I work only for myself, I do not have to listen to anyone, and I’m independent.

And at work I’m happy. How could I not be, since I have the best job in the world? 😀

What will 2016 bring me?

Changes in your personal life, that’s for sure. But they are necessary to create my own happiness.

The year 2016 will also be more hardworking, I can not wait. I’m definitely a workaholic 😉 I do not like to make New Year’s resolutions, but I like to define goals and monitor my progress quarterly. There is already a paper with written tasks on my wall.

Oh, and finally, if life does not thwart my plans, I will start my dream trip. I will not tell you the details now, you have to wait until March. I can only tell you that I dreamed about this trip ever since, but only postponed it.

This summary was short, without energy because I don’t have this energy yet. Several things have to move, and I’m sure that afterwards I will have the power to act. And I promise that the next year’s summary will be long, cool and full of adventures.

2016 will bring huge changes. I look forward to them but also with a little consternation, because a lot of things will turn upside down. But I am also hopeful because every end is the beginning of something new. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

See you in 2016!


  1. What an interesting read that was. I surely hope 2016 is YOUR year. Many successes will come your way I am sure. Funny, reading your post almost sounded like I was reading about my ups and downs of 2015. I am certainly glad to see the back of 2015 even though looking back, it wasnt really as terrible as it felt when I was going through it…Look forward to reading about your dream trip.

    • Thank you, Bianca! I know I have hard time now, but it’s going to be fine soon 🙂 All the best for you!

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