My plans for 2014

 In 2014 there will be no place for accidents. I want to plan it and make my dreams come true. I want to be motivated and effective. These things written here are no New Year’s Resolutions. These are my goals, my project success., Dan Moyle

Personal life

First of all, I want to make some decorations in my flat. We live without furniture and after one year it really drives me crazy. Dust is everywhere and I don’t have my own cozy corner to read and to write. I know that it’ll cost some money (a lot of…) but I need this. I’m not that kind of traveler who doesn’t settle and doesn’t need to pack out his stuff from boxes. I need a comfortable and safe harbor. I need to keep it clean, I need to have space for my books, to put our best pictures into frames. I need to make a nest. I need to feel that this is my kingdom. I want to travel a lot but travel for me is always a travel. And here is my home, sweet home.

And I need to put my German language skills into higher level. This June I want to pass the exam in German to get the certificate of upper intermediate level (B2). And I’m going to continue my Russian on my own!

Personal life 2014 aim: furniture + certificate B2 in German.


In 2013 I left my well-paid job in a corporative tour office. I used to like it but then I realized that I’m not developing myself and it made me angry more and more for the situation. I had already some money saved so I decided to leave it and start doing what I really love. I talked about that with my husband (that time he was still my fiancée but we’ve already lived together and we were preparing our wedding) and I told him that some month we’ll be harder but we will not starve. J We both agreed that it will be better for me and for our relationship. I got back to my work as a tour leader (I lead school trips around Poland) and I focused on my Polish blog.

This year I want to continue my job as a tour leader. Also I’m thinking about organizing some workshops about learning foreign languages yourself. People in Poland have a big barrier in communication and those workshops would be about breaking it, developing skills and motivation. I’m quite good in learning languages on my own (except English I speak also German and Russian a little bit), I’m interested in psychology and self-development and I’m doing this kind of workshop (but written) on my Polish blog. Maybe there are people who would come to real workshop because reading is not for them and they need a real contact and conversation? I’ll check this year.

There is one more thing that I can call my work, even if I don’t get any financial payment. But it gives me happiness and I fulfil myself. It’s volunteer cooperation with Foundation EBU, which officially starts this year. I’ll be one of mentors of volunteers who come to us from Portugal and Spain for 7 months. Also I will supervise the foundation’s blog, which starts soon. And we’re also planning to run with a travellers club but we don’t have any particular plan about that. This is just an idea but we really wish to do this.

Oh, and in last November I had a meeting in Polish secondary school and I talked about hitchhiking. That lecture was a big success and teachers invited me for another meeting, which is taking place in January, 7th. Some people ask me also about another meeting for everyone who wants to come and I really think that maybe this should could be also a way of gaining an extra income?

Job 2014 aim: volunteer work + tour leading + language workshops + travel meetings, Simply CVR


This is my greatest passion. Last year I wasn’t travelling much because of our wedding and job seeking as a tour leader but I want to change this in 2014.

Now I have booked tickets to: Budapest in January, Prague in February, Riga in July. We have also some plans about travelling in the second half of the year but we’re still waiting for a bargain prices of tickets.

During summer we are planning to travel around Balkan Peninsula for about a month. My husband is a teacher so we have to use his summer holidays for long travelling. We’re thinking about visiting Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia… We’ll organize it on a budget with camping in the wild and hitchhiking, just as we did in Georgia and Armenia.

And I really think about going somewhere on my own. I’m still not sure where but it won’t be Europe. Maybe Asia? For at least 14 days. Backpacking. I need this. I’m an individualist and I need a sense of freedom, spend time with myself, distance from the problems of normal life, clean my thoughts, find an inspiration. I’m calling all this a travel catharsis. And I need to talk about this with my husband, who won’t be very happy about this. But I need this. Before we will have a small crawling human that will need all my attention. That’s the final call.

Travel 2014 aim: at least 5 city breaks during whole year, one long-lasting travel around Balkan Peninsula, one lonely travel catharsis


I’m changing and my blogs are changing with me. At the beginning I wanted to write only about the world. But travelling changes me and blogging is something more than a diary. I have also something to say and I want to write about it here. Blogging is giving an opinion. My rules, my way of life, my plans for some people are very controversial, for other are an unreachable dream and for other are an inspiration. People tell me about this when they meet me somewhere or write it as an e-mail or comment on my Polish blog. If I already hear it, why not to write about that?

I don’t want to be a stereotypical wife who waits at home for her husband. I have my dreams, my plans, I want to fulfil and develop myself and still I want to accommodate it with family life. And I will write about this.

Because in 2013 it was hard for me to motivate myself to write in English, I have a plan for January. I will write every day 500 words in English and publicize an entry every 2 days. After first month I’ll analyze if it works and ameliorate this plan. I want to be a professional blogger and there is no place for any accidents.

Blog January 2014 aim: to write at least 500 words in English every day + to publicize every 2 days

I feel that this is the best time in my life and I want to use it as effectively as possible!, Camdiluv

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