Month 13 & 14: the routine

Did you notice that I didn’t write on the blog the summary of August, which was the 13th month in Asia? It was so boring that I just couldn’t write about it. I was so focused on my work that I did not even notice when August passed.

September was not better, though something has already changed, about it I’ll write in a moment. Digression comes first.

I would have to force myself to write anything sensible about August. And I like to put the quality of my posts over the quantity. So I just skipped the 13th month.

Theoretically, I could also skip September, that is the 14th month because it was not better. Then I would summarise three months in one. On the other hand, however, in September I came to some conclusions, and I would like to write about them. Is there a better time as a personal post?

Let’s do it!

Ho Chi Minh City as flat as a pancake; the view from Bitexco Tower rooftop bar

Conclusion 1: Writing

As I mentioned – I was thinking of summing up August, September, and October in one post in early November. But I didn’t want to squeeze few months in one entry.

I have recently read summaries of my months from the beginning until now. From August 2016 I have analyzed my whole year and… I’m glad I wrote these reviews. One month was full of adventures, the other a little quieter. But I wrote about my emotions, upsets, and falls, and it’s nice to go back to these texts. See how I have changed and how my year have been changing.

Although I do not write my diary every day (I stopped about ten years ago, lol), these monthly reviews also allow me to get some ideas! 😉 So I think summing up 2 months in 1 post is a good thing.

digital nomads working in a coffee shop 🙂 kidding, we just went there for that huge coffee with whipped cream!

Conclusion 2: Routine

Traveling is fun, and I love being on the road, but do not be fooled – you cannot travel and work from bed in a hostel or at a table in a common room where people tell fascinating stories and always want to hear them. Or in a cafe where you do not have your regular space of work. Or you can not travel for a few weeks, and then expect to catch up everything in a week.

Digital nomads, freelancers on the go often say they stay somewhere for 3-6 months, maybe longer to just work in one place. Have your privacy, a room with a DESK and time to build a routine.

Routine is nothing but thousands of small habits that create your day. Getting up at a particular time, drinking morning coffee or tea, having a structured workplace, light and position at your desk, and many other details we do not usually think of. Like your place of work, convenient access to notebooks, pencils, etc. Something does not function, and the routine goes down and kills productivity.

You cannot create the routine in one day. Especially after a few weeks of intensive travel. It is a painful rebuilding of habits. Something like getting back to work after a vacation – it takes some time to get used to, doesn’t it? It’s the same with working from home.

Routine is needed because it allows you to be more productive and efficient.

However, my problem with it is that sometimes I throw myself too much into the whirl of work. I tend towards workaholism. I can work several days in a row for 12 hours a day by the computer. Or not even leave home like a vampire. There will always be something to do. Especially when working on a particular project. I’ll take a break, but first I will…

And I have to learn how to choose better tasks to accomplish – it is easy to work a lot, but it is much better to work efficiently. Do what actually will bring benefits.

Besides, I have to work on the hygiene of my creativity, how I call it nicely. 😀 In short – we don’t live only to work! And how can I claim that I love travelling, and then for a month do not to go anywhere? 😛

Sometimes I’m so into work on the project that I forget about my other needs, that is, travelling and little adventures. And then my routine starts to annoy me, and I throw the chairs.

I’m a proper tourist 😛

Conclusion 3: Travelling

I practically did not notice August, because I was so focused on my work. And I got so angry at myself that I decided to do a little holiday at least once a month since September. I will visit a new place, do some sightseeing. I will search for new topics for writing (as if I didn’t have millions of overdue topics…).

September was better. We went to the Ci Chi tunnels, worked in the cafes. I changed my environment. It was such a breath of freshness and an opportunity to look from a distance.

I remember now that my little adventures are not lying on the ground. It is I who should take care of it, and not work to death, and then complain that it is boring.

So for the next few months, I’m planning to have a little more of my adventures. At least as much as finance will allow me. Soon I’m going to Manila!

And do you have any ways to make breaks from routine when you can’t move from home for a longer time? Share ideas in comments! I would love to find inspiration. 🙂

our street in the morning

Conclusion 4: Money

My crazy January story about the financial problems I had because I met a mentally ill scammer was not published on my blog yet. Seriously, I’ll write about it someday, because the story is so incredibly weird that one listens with huge WHAT THE FUCK on their face. But first I have to swallow the bitter pill of embarrassment. 😛

Anyway, the last few months I was improving my situation, so I didn’t want to spend too much money. I lived quite sparingly and sat politely at home.

But that has changed! 😀 I am flying to Manila in the Philippines as I mentioned earlier because I have to make a new visa for Vietnam (that is, just leave the country for a while). I already bought tickets for Quest Festival in Hanoi in November – one of the 300 best festivals in the world! We are flying there with my Sister who comes to me for two weeks. Another little adventure is coming!

Well, I have to wait. Otherwise, I would be crazy at all. But later, after the Quest Festival, I intend to dedicate a part of my budget regularly to my little adventure. 😉

I also noticed that even such small weekend attractions could very positively affect my mood for a few weeks! I am more energetic, positive, productive and mobilised. Such little things and so many can change in life!


I’m glad I did this summary, even though it is more about my thoughts than what happened. But I’ll be back to this post when the routine again kicks my ass, and I’m gonna throw the chairs out of the overwork.

Besides, the plans for October and November are ambitious, so I expect that the next monthly summaries will also be more attractive. Oh, and what’s the best? In the queue, I have a whole bunch of new posts I’ve worked on lately. I can not wait to show them to you! 🙂

Most importantly, I know what I like about my routine and what bothered me. And I’m going to work on it! 🙂

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