Month 10: Parents in Vietnam and job seeking

May in Vietnam came to an end so quickly that I no longer remember it happened at all. I think my previous months were more interesting, because I was traveling and that time I was busy. And life in Saigon… Well, it’s just like normal life.

Because I have practically started a normal life here. I have set aside the adventure for a moment. I feel like I needed it.

You may think it was cool when I was travelling, but now it’s boring. But I promise you this time will not be boring. I just have to organize my daily routine somehow and it will be amazing again. Meanwhile, I will tell you what happened last month.

yo, Uncle Ho!

Hanna is looking for a job

I started last month with looking for a job. I insisted on finding a job as an English teacher – this is the best option here for foreigners who come here for short or longer time. All the expats whom I met learn English, my flatmates were also looking for such a job.

But I have to admit that finding job in May is not the easiest because the school year ends and summer break starts. Many schools are closed. On the other hand, however, summer English courses start, so there is a chance to find a job from June.

I was a bit little stressed. Because despite all emails with CV I’ve sent and at the same time gathering addresses of schools to bring my documents in person, only few have written back to my applications. Even one of the schools invited me to a job interview on May 2nd, and they only called me back on May 29th, although I’ve sent them two emails asking how did my interview go. 😛

Such situations are stressful if you have to pay 300 dollars for your apartment soon.

some view of Saigon to calm my nerves :P

Honestly, I wasn’t excited about this job search. I’m not proud to say that but I decided to do so because my financial situation forced me to. Do not get me wrong – I love English, I’m very curious about the process of learning itself, and I can (and even like) work with children and youth. I can adjust.

The point was that it is hard to switch to regular work after 4 years of being your own boss. Somehow my plan of becoming a digital nomad didn’t work out and I think I know why, but I’ll write about it another time. I already see this title: How to fail as DN. Thank you.

But I grit my teeth and said to myself: this is just for the upcoming months. Focus on earning money and you will not even notice how fast it will pass. And as a result, I found so much work that… I do not have any day off during the week. I work from Monday to Sunday. Fortunately, I have only 3 hours per day on weekends, so I do not really count it as a job and I do not want to give up on those hours because my employer pays me every Sunday. And such a cash injection every week is a good option for daily expenses. It’s just perfect for food and commuting to work.

Parents in Vietnam!

Parents in Vietnam and Phu Quoc island

In the last 9 months in Asia I have missed my home sometimes. It wasn’t often and usually it did’t last long, but it happened.

Fortunately, we planned with my Parents that they would come to visit me for 2 weeks. They bought tickets to Kuala Lumpur for May, then booked another flight to Saigon. In the evening, May 12th, I picked them up from the airport. As I saw them coming out of the arrivals hall, it made me so warm in my heart that I realized how much I missed them.

My Parents brought me the most amazing package from Poland (seriously, we were all surprised!). We counted that they packed about 10 kg of food. 😀 Polish sausages, pierogi (you know, type of ravioli), sweets, 3 liters of vodka and 3 jars of pickles. 😀 And so many Polish (instant ;)) soups, because Emma really wanted to try żurek 😀 😀 And she said she will make pierogi 😀 😀 😀

They also had space for extra clothes for me because in my wardrobe I had literally 5 items of clothing (means everything I had in my backpack). Luckily, I had my long gray skirt, otherwise I would even have nothing to wear for my job interview. So jeans, shirts and shoes came to me with my Parents! 😀

Polish food!

Because my work situation was not very clear and moreover I had several other contracts to finish, my Parents went for a 4 day trip to Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang, and then for 2 days to Mekong Delta. The following week we went to Phu Quoc island together.

We were lucky that despite the rainy season the weather in Phu Quoc was very good. We went on a full day trip around the south of the island (I did not expect that it is so interesting!) and we ate only seafood. And I just love the seafood!!!

And then it was time to say goodbye. At the airport we cried with my Mum because we don’t even know when we will see each other again. When I got home I bursted in tears in an empty apartment because all my flatmates had left for the weekend. Fortunately, Polish sweets cheered me up. 😉 Well, I quickly returned to the normal rhythm of life here and focused my attention on further looking for work.

How is June going to be?

Busy. No, sorry. FUCKING busy. I will work 7 days a week to earn money for further travels and adventures. I already know that in order to stand it I have to look for some attractions in Saigon and do something cool every once in two weeks – we have already found with my friends an escape room and we will go there as soon as we get our salary. 😉 Besides there is also an aqua park and pool parties are organised here! 😀 And I’m going to learn how to ride a scooter! 😀

I am not traveling for a while, but living in a completely foreign country can also be exciting. I do not regret that I got stuck in one place. Just the opposite, I am glad that I can fulfill my next big dream from my bucket list – in the end I always wanted to live abroad for a while!

Phu Quoc in the rainy season

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