Monaco, Monte Carlo: one day trip from Nice

One day is enough to visit Monaco. Phew, you can do it even in few hours! At last the whole state is not larger than 2 square kilometers. A perfect place for a day trip from Nice!

It is possible to get here by train from Nice (20 min, about 3.5 euros) but taking a bus no. 100 is much easier, despite the fact that the journey is 30 minutes longer. Mainly, the buses goes from the center of Nice (Boulevard Jean Jaurès) every 15 minutes and it costs only 1 euro one way. The bus drops you off in Monte Carlo, just by the famous James Bond’s casino and before that you can admire the lovely landscapes of the shore. I highly recommend taking a bus!

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When dusk falls upon Côte d’Azur, the famous Monaco splendour comes to life. Sports cars ride along narrow streets, luxurious yachts are moored in port. But in the daytime this city-state looks completely different.


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You don’t need a guide to see Monaco. A map is enough, though it’s not necessary. And it doesn’t have to be precise. It’s quite hard here to get lost but it can be useful for everybody who wants to walk along the Circuit of Monaco, where the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix is held annually. The track is 3340 metres long (it runs through two Quartiers: Monte Carlo and La Condamine) and has many elevation changes and corners, that’s why the walk can take even about 1 hour.


Walk around the port is an alternative. Start at the Monte Carlo Casino than walk down the street, which is a part of the Circuit of Monte Carlo, right to the port. During the high season it is deserted, however, for the rest of the year exclusive yachts moor here. I have heard that the desire of possession is more pleasurable than possession itself. If so, this is just perfect place to savour with those luxurious boats!


Strolling along Monaco’s streets in broad daylight, the thing that astonishes the most is it… ordinariness. Concrete blocks of flats and Skodas and Opels parked everywhere. Well, Mercedeses at best. During daytime the Principality has nothing to do with splendour. It’s an ordinary, trim, seaside city. Maybe built-up too densely. It doesn’t make very good first impression. It’s not stunning, it’s just nice.

But shortly after dusk fall, slopes covered with buildings light up and all Bentleys, Aston Martins and Lamborghinis appear on the streets. This is the best moment to be impressed with Monaco’s luxury. And to understand that here Porsche is a car for the poor.


It happens so, because Monaco levies no personal tax income (that doesn’t apply to the French), though the company registration is very difficult. The unemployment rate is at 0% with about 50,000 workers who commute everyday from France and Italy, and the poverty rate is the lowest in the world. Monaco has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world. Would you like to live here? No problem! In 2011 a square meter of real estates costed about $65,600. Happy saving till the end of the world, hehehe.



Sightseeing Monaco: Monaco-Ville

Above the harbour on the rocky promontory lies a historical part of the city called Monaco-Ville. The Oceanographic Museum, the cathedral and the Prince’s palace are found here. All of them can be visited but the admission is free only for the cathedral. Instead of paying for the sightseeing (13 euros for the Museum, 8 euros for the Palace…), lose your way in the labyrinth of narrow streets full of souvenir shops and cafés. The architecture of this quarter is in typical French Mediterranean style and certainly doesn’t scare off. However, prices in restaurants do. In this situation the only wise thing is to bring with you a baguette, piece of cheese and something to drink and have a picnic on one of seaview terraces. One of them overlooks the harbour in La Condamine, the other one-the harbour in Fontvieille. The choice is yours!


One day in Monaco is enough. Enough for you to visit it and lose your head for it. And maybe come back one day, who knows? And those yachts, awwwww!


monaco one day trip


  1. Indeed this little country is really amazing. You created the desire to force me to have a look to this place and take a coffee over there. Thanks for your suggestions

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