London in 48 hours

London is one of those European must-see cities. I’ve been there few times and I really love its cosmopolitan atmosphere, architecture and rythm! However, at the same time it can be really expensive so I recommend: don’t stay there too long! But… is 48 hours enough?

london in 48 hours

Let’s be honest: it’s not. There are so many things in the capital of England to see and to do that even one week is not enough! But sometimes we just don’t have much time or we simply don’t want to spend our all holidays in one city, so we decide to stay there only 2-3 days (or we’re going only for the weekend – if you’re permanently living in Europe).

But, even if it seems not much, it’s still possible to see the most important places in London during 48 hours!

london in 48 hours

If you know exactly (or you don’t know at all and you’re looking for some ideas) what you want to visit there but you don’t know how to organise your time there – use my mini-guide in 3 parts that will help you organise your 2 days there.

What is the idea of this mini-guide?

The tips provided here are focused on the city centre, where the main attractions are. I prepared a map, where you can see the preposition of walking tour (part 1), some main free attractions (part 2) and some popular attractions that you have to pay for (part 3).

Read all three parts, choose what you want to see and modify the walking route however you want to. Enjoy!

PS. I’ll give you a tip about planning your sightseeing: don’t overload your programm. If you want to start your tour at 10 am and finish at 6 pm – plan only 6 hours. If you want to start at 9 am and finish at 8 pm plan only 8 hours. And so on, and so on. It’s a good idea to have slack time ‘just in case’.


There are two walking tours marked with red line:
– shorter one (from St. Paul’s to the Tower of London) that takes about 30 minutes
– longer one (from Big Ben to Oxford Street) that takes about 3-4 hours.
Remember that this is just the time of walking, without sightseeing, eating and resting!
You can take a ferry from the Tower to Big Ben’s area.

london in 48 hours

The longer itinerary goes via:
– Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey
– Trafalgar Square
– Leicester Square
– Chinatown
– Soho
– Piccadilly Circus
– The Mall to the Buckingham Palace
– Hyde Park Corner
(- Harrods)
– Speaker’s Corner and Oxford Street

So, take just a part of it, or divide it into 2 days, or start from another point. Do whatever you want!

london in 48 hours

In part 2 of the guide I’ll give you some tips about totally free sightseeing that you can add to your 48 hours in London. They’re already marked as green points on the map.

I hope this short guide will be useful for you! Enjoy London!

What do you think about visiting cities in 48 hours? If you don’t have too much time to see the city, how do you prepare yourself for sightseeing?

Do you have any favourite places in London that you would like to recommend? Do you know any good and cheap places to eat in London, that are near routes provided on the map?

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