Life and travel thoughts for 29th birthday

And it happened, I just turned 29 years old. Last birthday with number 2 in the front. On this occasion, I gathered for you some thoughts that came together in my head recently.

These are my personal thoughts. Mainly they relate to travel, but there are also some philosophical. Not everyone has to agree with them. Fortunately, we are all different and we have a right to have our own opinion and to shape our own lifestyle.

And by the way – I put in this post some of my favourite pictures taken during last few months of travelling. 😉

Freedom is the most important for me.
Of course, total freedom does not exist. I mean the freedom of choice where I want to be. It can be Southeast Asia, Central America or Europe – I don’t want to be tied to one place, and only ask the boss for days off. I want to have the freedom of choice whether I want to spend somewhere a week or three months. If I’m tied up – I throw chairs around and get mad.

Life is too short to spend it with the wrong people.
I avoid those people who are constantly dissatisfied – I am looking for those who can find happiness in the most trivial things. I do not want to spend time with energy vampires. I prefer people who cause a smile on my face and make me move the mountains.

Traveling is like sex.
It tastes differently when you are 20, 40 and 60 years old. Your way of traveling is changing, so travel now, no matter how old you are. Besides, you do not know whether in a few years you will still be able to do it. Don’t wait. 😉

Do not regret the time that has passed.
Once, when I met travelling 19-22-year-olds I regretted that I didn’t travel when I was that age and I lost so much time. But I realized what I achieved during that time and – as in the previous point – now I’m travelling differently. That is why I do not regret anymore. What is more, now I think I experience the best time of my life!

sunshine in Sri Lanka

Travelling slowly is a different experience.
When you spend in a few weeks in one place, you have enough time to get to know the surroundings, and strengthen ties with people who also live there. Travelling slowly is different. It’s deeper.

Travels will break your heart.
If leaving people met on the road hurts, appreciate it. Because if it hurts, it means that it was important.

The more I travel, the harder to satisfy me.
Do not get me wrong, but how many times you can admire Buddhist temples ir ruins of castles? I’ve become more picky, but if something really impresses me, I feel it in every cell of my body and the experience is more powerful.

Work on the road is not a fairy tale.
There is no beach with palm trees. Instead, there is a backpain from hunching in front of a laptop (and argument to go for another massage) and frustration when there is no wifi. It is not that you work 4 hours a day and sip drinks, and in the afternoon you sightsee. Or you travel or work. Usually work.

You create your own reality.
If you do not like your job or your appearance, let me ask you – what did you do today to change it? Or yesterday? If you want something to change, you must first change something. Stop only complaining, get to work.

Age is a state of mind.
No matter how old you are – it’s more how you feel. If you are happy, you will always be young!

Malaysia, Georgetown

I’m not saying it will be easy, but certainly it will be worth it.

The fact that you were born in one place does not mean that you have to spend there your whole life.

You don’t find happiness. You create it.

Life starts where it fear ends.

Be inspiring to others.
Stay authentic, encourage others to act, be happy about other people’s successes. Don’t say, if you cannot say anything nice. Do not criticize if it is not constructive criticism.

sunset over Philippines

Think positive.
When you think positively, great things happen. The universe gives you amazing opportunities. Believe in the impossible. With all your heart.

Woman, do not depend your happiness on the guy.
Learn to enjoy the life when he did not have the time or will to do the same things. Learn to enjoy the sunrise alone, when he sleeps until noon. Do not sulk when he wants to go somewhere alone or with his mates. Live your life and let him live his life. There is nothing worse than an ivy-woman.

Poland, my homeland is beautiful.
I always knew it, but only a long journey allowed me to realize what I love about it the most: the smell of Spring, Summer storm, red leaves on the trees in October, fields covered with snow in Winter, racuchy (kind of Polish pancakes) of my Grandmother and pierogi (kind of Polish dumplings) with potatos and cheese of my second Grandmother. I definitely love Poland.

tea estates in Malaysia

The further you are, the closer you are.
Ironically, the distance makes people closer. Talking with loved ones through Skype is really valuable because the time difference and the daily routine of both sides are difficult to compromise. We put next conversation immediately in the calendar not to forget. I miss short everyday conversations by breakfast or in the evening. Only from the distance you can really appreciate how important are your relatives.

Listen to the voice of your heart.
Do not let anyone tell you that your lifestyle is worse because it is different and should look normal. Who the hell determines how does normal look like?


What I wish myself for my 29th birthday? To create my travel lifestyle persistently and not to run out of awesome opportunities. I’m fine!!!

Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay

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  1. Wowwwwwww

    Happy birthday Hanna. Best wishes.

    Magnificent pictures and useful article.

    Hope you Enjoyed your vacation at far east.


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