Lapland Trip – our route

It’s quite fun to look back at your trip. Memories come to you… Today I would like to show you where we were in Lapland and how we did it.

The legend:
– blue route – by bus
– red route – hitch-hiking
– green route – walking/hiking.

Our adventure began in Rovaniemi. We got there from Warsaw changing our plane in Helsinki. From Rovaniemi we got farther north.

On the 3rd day of our trip we hitch-hiked to Sodankylä (about 130km/81 miles – for all English-speakers 😉 ). Here we cought a bus to Inari (200 km/125 miles, about 33 € per person) and we decided to visit Nordkapp (380 km/236 miles, about 76,60 € pp). So in that one particular day we did the same distance as from Polish mountains on the south to the Baltic Sea!

We spent only 2 hours in cold Nordkapp and got back south. We left the bus by Finnland-Norway border (292 km/181,5 miles, 62,90 € pp), where is Kevo Strict Nature Reserve.

In Kevo we spent 5 days. We needed of course a tent and sleeping bags, because the temperature at night was about 0 C degrees and there were no huts on the trail, except one. Well, like in a real reserve (64 km/40 miles). After we had finished it, we hitch-hiked to Inari (about 100 km/62 miles)

The next morning we went – it was Saturday and there were no bus – to the Lemmenjoki National Park (we went about 8 km/5 miles). We spent the night by a rapid river and on the following day a gold miner (!) gave us a lift to the park (about 35km/22 miles). We could take a taxi but it cost about 60 € one way!

In Lemmenjoki we spent 4 days. The trail (52 km/32 miles) is not as hard as in Kevo Reserve. But on my Google map it is not showed precisely, I was following my nose by doing it.

We hitch-hiked back to Inari (50 km/31 miles) with two other gold miners and on the next day again hitch-hiked – three times, exactly – to Rovaniemi (about 320 km/199 miles).

Any conclusions for future trips to Lapland? Warmer sleeping bags, bigger tent and hitch-hiking only!!! 🙂


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