I amsterdam City Card – is it worth the money?

Are you considering buying the I amsterdam City Card? Read this post to know if it’s really worth the money!


Czytaj ten wpis po polsku!

In fact, we have to answer one question: what exactly are we going to Amsterdam for? Are we going to just stroll around the city, take a cruis, visit one or two museums (or forgive museums in general), and it is all within 1-2 days? Then I amsterdam City Card will not be useful, I guess.

But if you are going to see as much as possible within 2-4 days, and we want to use public transportation, then I really encourage you to consider buying I amsterdam City Card!

I amsterdam City Card – how much and where to buy it?

You can buy I amsterdam City Card in the Visitor Centre Stationsplein across Centrail Station or at the Tourist Information at Schiphol Airport (Arrivals Hall 2). The card is valid from the first validation in public transport or by visiting the museum.

I amsterdam Visitor Centre Schiphol Airport (Arrivals Hall 2)

Types of I amsterdam City Card:
– 24-hours: 55,00 €
– 48-hours: 65,00 €
– 72-hours: 75,00 €
– 96-hours: 85,00 €

With the Card you’ll get a leaflet indicating exactly which museums and attractions are included in the price of the card along with their regular prices, as well as a pretty good city map with marked sights and tram lines.

If you’re wondering whether it’s really worth spending 65 or 75 euros for a tourist card, it’s worth knowing…

i amsterdam city card

What’s included in the I amsterdam City Card?

Purchase of the Card entitles us to:
– free admission to over 40 museums (of 51 museums in the city! – I’ve written already about them, so I encourage you to read the list of the best and my favorite museums in Amsterdam)
– free cruise by ferry along the canals of Amsterdam (normally 16 €)
– free public transport GBV (blue and white; 1-hour ticket: € 2.90; € 7.50 a day ticket)

There are also many other discounts. More information can be found on the I amsterdam website. (You can also buy the tickets there.)


The card does not entitle free admission to the Rijksmuseum (the regular price: € 17.50), but offers us € 2.50 discount (wow :D).

The very popular Anne Frank House is not included in the card. However, standing in a line to buy a ticket to the museum can take really long, even up to one hour… If you want to skip the line I recommend you buying the ticket online (with canal cruise), for example here:

Access from the airport is not included in the card (costs € 5.10 one way).

i amsterdam city card

Let’s calculate it!

Suppose you come to Amsterdam for 2 full days and want to visit about two museums a day and use the public transport at least 2 times (from the hotel to the center and back). The 48-hour card costs 59 euros so for example:

– the Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum, € 15,00)
– the Museum of the Tropics (Tropenmuseum; € 12,50)
– the Amsterdam Museum (€ 12,00)
– Oude Kerk (€ 10,00)
– 4x rides by bus or tram (4 x €2,90 = € 11,60)
TOTAL: 61,60€

Saving is small, but let’s add to this for example a ride from downtown to the Museum of the Tropics and back (another 2 x 2.90 € = 5.80 €), the Van Gogh Museum instead of Oude Kerk (€ 17; and besides, if we find that we don’t have time to walk to the Museum Quarter, then we can take the tram – another 2.90 €), it turns out that the cost of these pleasures would be € 76.80, which allows us to save € 11.80 with 48-hours card.

What about the option for 3 days? The 72-hours card costs 75 €. Let’s compare:

– public transport at least 2 times a day (6 x 2,90€ = 17,40€)
– the Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum, 15,00€)
– the Museum of the Tropics (Tropenmuseum, 12,50€)
– the Amsterdam Museum (12,00€)
– Oude Kerk (10,00€)
– the church-museum Our Beloved Lord in the Attic (Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder, 9,00€)
– Museum Willet-Holthuysen (8,50€)
– let’s add a canal cruise 🙂 (16,00€)
TOTAL: 90,40€

In this case we can save at least 15,40 € (at least, because we can more often use public transportation). If you do not use public transport, but you prefer to walk, it would help you save about 5 € (for the coffee 😉 ).

I had my card for 72 hours and during that time I’ve visited 5 museums and used transport at least 12 times, which normally would have cost me more than 90 euros. Card allowed me to save more than 15 euros.

And it’s really great that in 2016 there is a new – 96-hours – option of the card. If I were going for sightseeing now, I would definitely buy this one! 4 days in Amsterdam are just perfect!!!

i amsterdam city card

I amsterdam City Card – when it’s NOT worth it?

Of course, not always buying a tourist card is good idea. In my personal opinion, the 24-hour card (€ 55.00) is an unnecessary expense, because we would have to visit the museums only and move only by public transport all the time (and still I’m not sure if it wouldn’t be cheaper than buying a card), and we’d have hardly enough time to slow strolling around this fascinating city.

Also it’s not necessery I amsterdam City Card for children and youth up to 18 years of age because they can enter the museum for free or at a discount (usually is half the regular price), and buying the time ticket (like 24 or 48 hours) for the public transport is enough for them. The websites of museums always give a specific price for younger visitors, so it is worth checking this information before visiting Amsterdam.


I amsterdam City Card is profitable if we are going to stay in Amsterdam at least 2 days, do a lot of sightseeing, not only walk and use public transport.

If you’re going to do a lot of sightseeing during 3-4 days, I highly recommend I amsterdam City Card!

If you are going to visit this fascinating city soon, I recommend to check if you really need to buy I amsterdam City Card. And even more I recommend you visiting several museums there! They are truly amazing! Have a nice Amsterdamming! 😉

Did you have the opportunity to use the I amsterdam City Card? Do you think that the purchase was profitable or totally unnecessary? Share your opinions in the comments box below!

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# The entry was created thanks to cooperation with Amsterdam Marketing.

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  1. I will be visiting Amsterdam with my girlfriend who is 17. Considering most of the museums and attractions will be free for her, is it a good idea to buy I Amsterdam card for both of us?

    • No idea, honestly, you have to just count what would you like to see and if it’s still worth for you to buy I amsterdam City Card. But I think it’s not worth to buy it for your girlfriend.

  2. I’ll be in Amsterdam early December for 4 days trip. Is it worth buying this card, especially since it is winter? I’m just thinking will it be too cold that I’ll just sit in my hotel half the time. Any advice?

    • Priya, you have to decide on your own. I don’t want to tell you to buy or not to buy, you know the best how you travel and what you want to see or spend the time in the hotel if it’s too cold…

  3. Hey, I will be in Amsterdam from 29th December till 2nd January. You think it will be worth buying the card since we are planning to stay outside city center (the hotels are super expensive during new year in city center)?

    • Hey, I really don’t know. You have to cound if it’s a good idea for you. And please check in advance if the places you want to visit are open on 1st Jan so you don’t waste the money!

  4. We will be visiting Amsterdam this Tuesday December 13-15th and plan on doing the Van Goth museum and Rembrant House as well as a canal your. Would you suggest the I Amsterdam city card to be a good purchase?? We will need to get transport from the airport to out hotel close to the Anne frank house and back as well so trying to see if this is a good way to save on that as well. Appreciate your input and help. 😊

    • As I mentioned in the post – tranfer from the airport is not included in I amsterdam City Card.

  5. Firstly great article, Very helpful for making a decision on wether to get this or not,

    – However do you know – for example, The Van Gough Museum.

    I want to avoid the long lines, am I able to book a ticket for free with this card in advance so I do not have to line up on the day?

  6. Hello o am visting amsterdam in the end of May for 3 days, I just have one question with the card I only can visit two museums a day or can I see the much as I can? The same with the transport does it have kind of a limitação?
    Thank you certo much.
    Great article isso helping me a lot.

    • You can see as many museum during the day as you want 🙂 The only limit is that you can enter to each museum only once. There is also no limit about using public transport 🙂

  7. Hi, I will be in Amsterdam for about a week and I wonder if should I get this card as I plan on travelling on a bike around the city. Any advice? Will it be better if I get a day ticket instead?

    • Hey! You should count then how many museum are you going to visit. Not in every case it’s necessary to have the I amsterdam City Card 🙂

  8. I’ll be in Amsterdam for a week next month, and wondering if I would save enough, if my primary motive to buy the card is for public transport, and not too much of museum visits.

    Also, one card per person?


  9. This card is a TOURIST TRAP and they have terrible customer service if anything goes wrong. No skipping two hours long and no free entry into the best museum. It’s cheaper to buy a three day tram pass and but museums tickets online (you get to skip the line if you buy tix from official website)

  10. Hey, we are visiting Amsterdam for 3 days with 2 adults and our two 12 and 17 year old daughters , we don’t want to visit too many museums one or two top rated museums will be enough . And we want to use as much public transport as possible .

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