How wealthy you have to be to travel?

Few days ago I met one guy, whom I used to study with. He was coming home by train, just as I, and we started to talk. Don’t know how and when but at one moment he started to talk about money.

He said that one of his friends was really lucky because he earns more than a thousand euro (well, it’s quite a lot in Poland). So I said that I used to earn that much too but it didn’t make me lucky so I quit my job. And he said that his mother was working with some lady who also earns really much. If you connect that with the earning of that lady’s husband it would be something about 3,5 thousand euro per month!, Nick Ares

‘Oh, my God’ I thought ‘Here I have just another example of having inferiority complex!’

Personally, I think that if somebody talks too much about (someone’s) money, he or she probably doesn’t accept his/her financial situation.

I said that other people’s earnings were not impressive for me, seriously. I started living a life in which money are not the most valuable thing. I don’t care how much people earn. And he said that maybe something else would impress me. Those people are real travelers! They love to travel so much that they spend about 10 thousand euro for two or three weeks of holidays every six months!

‘They travel twice a year?’ I asked.
‘Of course!’ he asserted. ‘They choose the best travel agencies and go to such places that you could only imagine!’
‘You know’ I smiled softly ‘If they are travel lovers and travel only twice a year, so who am I if I have already booked seven travels until July and believe me they don’t cost 10 thousand euro even if you add up all the costs.’
He obviously didn’t know what to say so I continued.
‘Also I know a lot of people who are real travel lovers and all of them don’t need so much money to do what they love. They just want to travel. So I’m terribly sorry but when you tell me that someone spend 10 thousand euro for one travel bought in tour office and he travels only twice a year, it really doesn’t impress me.’

I don’t know why but some people really have a problem with money. I like to say that I don’t earn much because I’m really happy with what I do. And you know what? Sometimes it doesn’t work, either.

‘So how much did you spend on your Georgia – Armenia trip, huh?’ one friend asked.
‘Well, for 30 days and two of us it was just about 1200 euro’ I answered frankly.
‘Yeah, people can do this when they have a lot of money from the wedding’ she said and I felt as she was mocking.
In Poland we indeed get money in envelopes from our guests instead of presents for wedding. But firstly, we decided to spend this money on our flat. Secondly, it is really not so difficult to save 1200 euro during whole year when we both work.

Don’t know why but a lot of people think that you have to be really wealthy when you travel often. And I am not a wealthy person. I don’t spend money on thing I don’t need. I don’t have a car or telly. I eat at home and still  don’t have furniture in my flat.

But the most important thing is that my travels don’t cost me much.

We spent 1200 euro for 30 days traveling around Georgia and Armenia. And this month I spent only 100 euro for 4 days in Budapest. Of course I do count in this all the flights. But still it’s not that much.

The point is that for traveling we forfeit all luxuries. Around Europe we travel mostly with low-cost airlines and we take only a hand luggage so we don’t pay for it. We don’t sleep in 5-star hotels but in a tent and we don’t take taxis but we hitchhike and use the local transport. And we don’t eat in expensive restaurants but we do our shopping and look for very cheap places that serve street food.

But people don’t see this. They think only about traveling. No matter how you travel – when you travel, you must be wealthy. Or you must have wealthy parents.

Well, think whatever you want. I feel great with little money and many travels. Cheap travels. I just appreciate what I have and I’m happy with small things that happens to me.

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