Gratitude! 100 days on the road and 6th birthday of my blog

100 days of my trip have passed and I don’t even know when. 100 days since when I have left Poland with one-way ticket for a trip around the world. It is true that I sum up each months regularly on YouTube but this post will be different.

This post is out of gratitude.

Because – as Walt Disney once said – if you can dream it, you can have it.

I’m travelling for 100 days already and I’ve been dreaming of this trip for 10 years. It is not always rosy, as you probably know if you watch my summaries. But at home it is not rosy, too. At home I was yearning to travel full time. Wherever you go, there will be problems.

But I am grateful despite all these problems. Because traveling (no matter whether it’s short trips or takes few months) is a privilege. And I am grateful that I can fulfill my dreams.

I am grateful for the fact that I live in times when it’s much easier to make your dreams come true than 20 or 50 years ago.

That I have a passport, so I can go to almost any country in the world without any bigger problem. That I write these words in a cafe in the Philippines.

That I can earn money for my maintenance during trip from almost any place in the world (if they have wi-fi).

I am grateful to my parents that they pushed me to learn foreign languages (although it was not for my torment, I was always good at foreign languages), when I was in school, having fun and not thinking about my future. Without it probably I would be sitting right now at home, under the blanket, too afraid to move anywhere. Instead, now I am bilingual and I know a few other languages at the basic or good level, which helps traveling.

I am grateful for the internet, because it makes life and travelling easier. And I can contact my loved ones, even with half of the world between us.

I am grateful for low-cost airlines. 😉

I am grateful to my Polish teacher who once told me that “if I do not write, my talent will be wasted.”

That in 2010, exactly on 1st November I launched my Polish travel blog to write. This month it turned 6 years old. I just began 7th year of blogging. In Poland, I am among the dinosaurs.

I am grateful to all other travel bloggers who pushed me to change my approach and instead of writing a diary, I began to look at my blog in more professional way. It gave me a lot of job and travel opportunities, as well as self-improvement.

I am grateful to everyone who helped and are still helping me to go through all the bad moments, who know that in the worst moments I have just to talk it out. 😉 Who are with me despite thousands kilometers and few time zones between us.

I am grateful to all the people who I met on the road and who, although we do not know each other well, offered to help me at the worse time. Just so.

I am grateful to you, all my readers. That you convince me that it is worth blogging. I’m grateful for the emails in which you thank me not only for advice on traveling or specific places, but also for the inspiration to fulfill dreams. It is the most important to me.

And finally – I am grateful in general. For the fact that I had the courage to start the life I dreamed of. That I am aware the road to the top leads through the thick jungle, caves with venomous snakes, rivers with crocodiles, etc. That despite the fact that it is not easy, I keep going.

I am grateful for the fact that when worse moments come, I do not run away, but I fight no matter what. That I have the strength to stand up from all the failures. And that I am stronger with every new experience.

Fulfilling the dream does not come easily and it shouldn’t. Because only thanks to the efforts you can really appreciate what you have achieved.

And you know, I really appreciate it all. I am lucky.

Therefore, today on the occasion of 100 days on the road and 6th birthday of my Polish blog I wish you the strength to fulfill your dreams, not just about travelling. I wish you a well-sharpened machete to get through the jungle full of difficulties and decent shoes to climb to the top. And a whole army of supportive people. I wish you to appreciate the possibilities around you. And to know how to use them. I wish you to fulfill yourself, have great hobby and to make your dreams come true.

And I wish you to have the courage because real life starts where fear ends! 🙂

All the best!

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