The Finer Details of Preparation and Organization When Travelling Solo

You’ve probably read and heard about different tips on how to stay safe when travelling alone. From blog posts and YouTube channels, to off the cuff tourists and dedicated backpackers, a lot has been shared about women’s safety concerns.

Going on a solo trip starts with a simple idea and ends with a lifetime’s worth of adventure according to the Independent Traveler. So for you, a female wanderer, who really want to enjoy the experience from top to bottom, remember to consider the finer details of preparation and organization.


Before booking that promo flight to cross off a location on your travel bucket list, you should accomplish two things: reserve an airport parking space and research in-depth the country you’re about to visit. In terms of airport parking, it’s important to know what works in your favor.

For instance, for female travellers coming from London, Gatwick Airport has a tendency to be congested both in and out of the facility. Meaning, airplane and people traffic is associated with the unavailability of free parking slots. That’s why an online parking website, Parking4Less, details the types of parking at both the North and South Terminals at Gatwick so you’ll have a clear picture of what you need.

When it comes to the country, you should have an overview of the safest locations and the most ideal accommodations so you can fully maximize your time and resources. Download a GPS app like Waze, so you can easily navigate through the busy roads of a foreign metropolis. This way, you can blend in and not look like a clueless tourist.


Proper organization goes a long way (quite literally). Upon the completion of your travel itinerary, at least one person you know – either a friend or a relative – should have a copy of it. If you’re going on a week-long solo vacation in India, put down all the details of your hotel, the places you’ll visit, and even emergency numbers in the country.

It’ll also help if you’d post or check-in on Facebook regularly, so your loved ones will know your whereabouts. Sorting out your travel documents is also vital during the trip. Take pictures of your passport, identification cards, reservations, ticket numbers, etc., on your phone and back them up on an online storage website such as DropBox. That way, if you lose these, as well as your phone and laptop, you can still access these aforementioned documents from a different computer or a mobile device.

Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful and will use them during your next trip!


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