Are you mature enough to make your dreams come true?

About 10 years ago I said that one day I’ll take my backpack and I’ll be travelling alone. It was the time when I didn’t have a backpack but I watched a lot of BBC’s documentary films. I was not travelling yet (except holidays with my parents) but I already knew that it’ll be the essence of my life.

That time I wasn’t aware that to make my dreams come true I really need to DO something. Not just write them down. Make the first step, leave my comfort zone, because the real life is outside it. When you’re 15 years old you’re still not aware of many things.

And today I got my dreams on the list and I keep writing down next ones. Some of them are quite small and I make them because I think that it’s good to try everything in your life. We live only once. And I have something that I hadn’t 10 years ago – awareness and determination to make my dreams come true.

source:, Seyed Mostafa Zamani

My bucket list helps me. When I look at some of the points on it, like for example ‘hike Israel National Trail (about 1 000 km long)’, I know that it’s not only about going to Israel and step on the trail. It’ll take few weeks, I have to be prepared. Physically and mentally.

To be prepared mentally means that you are ready to make some particular action. That you are mature enough to make the first step.

It’s just like starting your own family. It’ll surprise and scary someone who is not ready for that but it’ll excite and gladden everyone who has been preparing him- or herself and just can’t wait. It can be stressful at the same time but this stress is hidden under a thick layer of happiness.

In fact, everything that is new and unknown can be stressful for us. Even if it had been already investigated and described by someone else, for us it’s still terra incognita. We have to step in and learn it by ourselves.

So now I’m going to explore my new lands. I write in plural because there’ll be two lands to explore: one is Sri Lanka. Really, I wasn’t planning to visit it. I just found cheap tickets. And because I dream about visiting every country in the world, why not go to Sri Lanka now? 🙂 But the other land, that I’m about to explore, is me in the end of the world.

10 years ago I said that’ll take my backpack and just go somewhere totally alone. I could do this about 5 years later but I didn’t. Why? Because I wasn’t ready yet to make this step. I am now.

Am I afraid? I don’t know. Just as I said – when we are ready for something, we are more excited than afraid. Many people tell me that I’m really brave to go to Sri Lanka alone without my husband. I have no idea what’s so brave in this? That I’m going to the country where people speak different language and have slightly different colour of skin? Or because the public transport is a little bit chaotic? I don’t know what should be so scary and why. I’ve test myself in some other conditions and I know I’ll be fine. And I have my intuition and I’m taking it with me. 🙂 It’ll be a trip just like many other but a little bit different.

I’m looking at my bucket list again and I know that I’ll need some time to make my dreams come true. I need to be mature to do this. And it’ll bring me more joy and satisfaction. If I make it come true just by chance, I’ll not appreciate it.

And I’m going to appreciate this lonely trip a lot. Not only learn about travelling but also about myself. I’m excited even more – that I can expand my horizon again. And get ready to make another dreams come true.

I can feel that I’ll bring great material from that trip. About places, culture but also observations and conclusions. Who knows, maybe I’ll make out of it something more than just a blog? 🙂

And you? Do you have any dreams that you have to be ready to make them come true? 🙂

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