Alone with a backpack? Women? Without husband? IN ASIA?!

I have always dreamt about going somewhere outside Europe. Alone, with my backpack. Not for one or two weeks. At least for three. And know I can make my dream come true. I’m going to Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka? Why alone? Why now? There is a lot of arguments but one thing is the most important:
if you think that I’m crazy to leave my husband alone or how it is possible that I WANT to go ALONE, don’t read this entry. I don’t expect that you’ll understand my point of view. If you think that this is not normal it means that we are just the opposite ways of thinking. I’m not going to persuade you, so please, don’t persuade me too.

But there are also some people who are courious or anxious about my travel, especially women. Some of them want to read about Sri Lanka, other want to read how it is to travel solo. If you are such a person, feel free to comment.

Why alone?
Because I always wanted to do this. I like travelling with my husband, we go pretty well together, but I also want to try being on my own. I want to spend some time only with my thoughts, emotions and leave all the problems at home. I want to learn about myself in a brand new situation, new conditions.
And I my husband is the best. It doesn’t happen often that husband says to wife: I envy you this trip and I’m so happy that you can fulfill yourself! Dear woman, if you husband acts like that, appreciate this! If he doesn’t, leave him. (Seriously, I did and now I’m very happy).

Nobody says that I’ll travel like this always. Maybe when I return, I’ll say that I don’t want to do this ever again. Or maybe I’ll say that it’s good to have such a solo trip once a year or two years. We’ll see.

Why now?
Frankly? Because we want to invite to our family another member. 🙂 And I realized that before I’ll get stuck in nappies etc., I want to make one of my biggest dreams come true. The best season for travelling in the most of the world is during European Winter. And in Spring I’m going to have some contracts as a tour leader, in Summer we (me and my husband) want to go somewhere together, because he is a teacher so he can have his days off only during Summer holidays. During Autumn I’ll have more contracts probably… So it’s now or never.

Why Sri Lanka for 3 weeks?
One or two weeks wouldn’t be enough. I think that three weeks for first solo travel is just perfect. Maybe next time I’ll go a month? Or only 10 days? But now it is three weeks.
And Sri Lanka… Well, just because the tickets were very cheap (around $660 return). I just couldn’t miss this opportunity! I took also Zanzibar into consideration, which was always my biggest dream, but tickets to Sri Lanka were cheaper. And I always say that any promotion will be flexible to me, I have to be more flexible to it.
And also one of my friends is there so it would be nice to visit her.

Am I not afraid?
If yes, I don’t feel it. I’m too excited about the whole idea. Maybe I’ll be afraid in the plane or when I get to Colombo, but not now.
I believe that if you want to stay safe, you have to learn about the country, where you’re going to, and safety there. It’s the same everywhere, even in Europe. People usually are afraid of things, which they don’t know nothing about. The point is to learn about those things and to familiarize them.

Travelling solo doesn’t mean that I’ll be alone all the time. I’ll meet new people, other solo travellers. It just means that I’m not stick to one person. My company will change. And it is all about being independent.

I’m leaving Poland 17th March. I have my flight with the Emirates Airlines and I’ll be in Colombo 19th in the morning. The biggest adventure of my life (as far) is yet to come! I just can’t wait! Of course I want to write about it when I’ll be back. My plans, which are connected with this trip, are really big! And still I have something to write about Georgia and Armenia so maybe I’ll write in turns. 🙂

Sri Lanka, I’m coming!

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