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My name is Hanna Sobczuk and I’m the author of Hanna travels blog.

I’m 28 years old and I’m from Poland. I started this blog in January 2013, 2 years after launching my Polish blog. I love cafe latte, passion fruit, the sun, wind in my hain and the ocean. I value freedom and independence. Bla bla bla, so boring, huh?

I hate monotony and stable, safe, predictible life kills me. That’s why every few months I make a revolution in my life and turning everything upside down.

Recently I’ve packed my life in 20 kilos and moved to the end of the world. I don’t know how long will I travel and where I’ll be in a month or two but I like this way of living. No monotony, only changes.

I’m addicted to developing myself, gaining new experiences, changing my surroundings, doing amazing stuff. It sounds like I was moving mountains every day but it’s not true. Every time I want to leave my comfort zone, it costs me great mental effort because it’s the most difficult to make the first step. But in moments like that I remind myself my favourite quote that motivates me to act:

Real life starts where fear ends.

I call myself a full time adventurer. How do I travel? On a low budget but not extremely. I’m not afraid to work in a hostel or on a farm for accommodation. I appreciate wild nature around me as well as interesting cities. I try new tastes, sports and other activities, I love meeting interesting people. Every time I try to learn few words in local language.

I travel around Poland and the rest of the world and I collect my experiences in my personal Bucket List Challenge that never ends!

Below I present the map of the countries I’ve visited. I’m interested in whole world so slowly this map will be more and more red! 🙂

hanna sobczuk

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