A perfect gift for female travellers – bloggers choice

Ok, I admit, neither I’m great in choosing gifts, nor I have too much luck in getting them. Because how many times can you enjoy getting the predictable gifts, which are not useful, but only gathering dust on the shelf? Or travel books, because – although I love books – I have at home at least 20 titles that are waiting in the queue to read.

So I began to wonder, what gift would be the best for me and I thought that it’s a good idea to go a step further and ask other bloggers, what would be the perfect gift for female travellers according to them.

I gathered their ideas with mine in one post, and below I present the results. Would you like to add something? Please write in a comment below!

Useful in journey

Yup, there is a lot of things that we want to have with us while travelling. However, travelling with a backpack force us to carry all of this on our back all the time so it would be perfect if those things where really essential and light!

Jennifer from Moi, mes souliers says:

Women are so different, some are girly, others are artsy, it’s hard to please everyone with one single answer, but for me, the most useful gift I’ve received was the SteriPen Freedom. This pen-like gadget is used to filter your water anywhere in the world in a few seconds. It’s easy to use, light and pretty funky too with its UV light. You can imagine the looks I’ve gotten when using it abroad (great conversation starter, too!), but it’s saved me so many times where drinkable water wasn’t available. I would never leave without it again!
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Kamila from My Wanderlust:

My own experience tells me the best gift for a traveling girl would be an eye mask! But not a random eye mask, make it a cute and fluffy, like mine with Hello Kitty! I got it from my friends as a birthday present last year and it’s been my faithful companion ever since! Right now I’m not afraid of any busy airports, long bus rides or party hostels as with my little Hello Kitty helper (and some earplugs) I can sleep perfectly well just about everywhere! I’m sure every girl who travels will appreciate such a gift!
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kami i kitty
Kami and Hello Kitty at the airport in Saudi Arabia

Tamara from Globe Guide:

I’m pretty sure packing cubes are one of the best inventions of life, and can’t believe it took me so long to discover them! While they don’t look like much more than fabric with zippers, it’s incredible how much clothes you can pack into them. Not only do they condense your wardrobe to create extra space (hello, room for another pair of shoes!) but they also keep you organized. I have a few different cubes, and usually use one for pants, one for shirts, and a third for socks/underwear/bathing suits. There are even double-sided ones for separating dirty clothes from the clean ones. Brilliant!
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Kach from Two Monkeys Travel:

Actually, since I’ve started backpacking, the only thing that I’ve been asking my partner is to have a 5 star hotel night booking for a special event! We’ve been staying in hostels and dorms. A nice bed and buffet breakfast would be the best gift I would love to receive! From my relatives and friends, it’s actually way different now than before, now I would love if they can just book me a hotel or some flights!! We’ve been moving around and it’s hard to carry moe stuff!
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Manouk from Bunch of Backpackers has quite different idea:

One of the best gift for female travelers is a hip camera strap :)! On the road you carry your camera every day. I was tired of my boring black DSLR strap and it was time to find a more fashionable solution. I promise you: every girl will love this gift!
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camera strap 1

And my idea is an universal adapter plug so wherever I go I wouldn’t worry about charging my smartphone or camera battery! All in one is better than keeping all the plugs with me and wondering if I took the correct one with me…? 😉

We take care of ourselves, too!

Travelling on a budget doesn’t make us unkempt! Admittedly, we don’t carry all those big bottles with body lotions with us, but we also want to look pretty and feminine.

Ashley from A Southern Gypsy:

As female travelers, we have to think about a bit more than our male counterparts.  I’m a fairly low maintenance girl and often go without makeup and so on especially while traveling, but still I’m a girl.  One of the things I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with is Lush’s solid shampoo and their traveling cases you can get to put them in.  It never fails, liquids always seem to bust in my bag and get all over everything so this eliminates the shampoo from that possibilty.  It’s also nice for if you are traveling carry on only since you just eliminating some space for other liquids you need.  And, they smell heavenly and last for a really long time.  I have two I carry with me – the Godiva one and the Cinnamon one.  I’ll find myself smelling my hair constantly when I use the Godiva one.  (P.S. Great stocking stuffer size gift)
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Nadia from Nadia vs. the World says:

A perferct gift is something what we will use for a long time and what won’t be too expensive for the person who gives it to us. I chose a set of mini cosmetics in a transparent bag, that will be great for at least few of low-cost flights with Ryanair. Nicely packed toilletries of good brand will be the most elegant gift for a female traveller. I got this set from a Couchsurfer from Iceland.
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travel cosmetics

Sandra from Tripper:

I have very wild and curly hair (the “beast” is often out of hand!), that reacts unpredictably to different climates and water hardness. Most times, bringing my powerful combination of shampoo and conditioner doesn’t cut it. I travel light as much as I can so the nicest thing someone could offer me as a gift for Christmas would be a portable (but powerful) hair flattening iron.  Honestly! I don’t wait for a good hair day to have my picture taken in a beautiful location! So might as well have the tools to make that happen.
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Home, sweet home

Although we love to travel, we also love the travel atmosphere at home! It’s good to have some things that remind us where we have been already and encourage us to visit the places that we haven’t been to yet!

Kami from Kami Everywhere says:

I have been buying different kinds of souvenirs since ever and, in particular, I always loved postcards which I have been collecting for around 20 years. During this time I collected big amount of them, but, unfortunately, almost all of them lay in one shelf of my desk, so eventually I don’t enjoy them as much as I could. So, under my Christmas tree I would love to find big (ca. 3×1,5 m) contour map of the world where I could pin those postcards. On one hand, I could remind myself all the great places I had chance to visit and, from the other hand, I could search for new travel inspirations from postcards I’ve got from my friends.
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I would also add a stylish globe or a huge map that looks like from 19th century to my living room. It’s something I always wanted to have! 🙂

Do you have any other ideas for a gift for travelling women? Share your opinion with us in the comment below! 

gift for female traveller
source: flickr.com / Janet Ramsden


    • I’m going to print it and give it to my husband so he’ll never again have an excuse that he didn’t know what to buy me! 😀

  1. This is one I’m still experimenting with, but my dude recently bought me a large poncho shawl. It’s warm but lightweight and rolls up (relatively) small, and while you can wear it in a lot off different ways, I like to put it on over my bag/purse and then wrap it around so that it’s very difficult for pickpockets and thieves to even see my bag, much less gain access to it. We were recently in Tibet and I even got compliments from a couple of the local ladies 😉

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