Bucket List Challenge: 1 of 5 cities to see in Poland in November

Poland is not as big as Germany, doesn’t have as many monuments as France, as high mountains as Italy and is not as warm as Spain. No, it’s not. But it has many other things too see, to do, to eat. And it’s just underrated!

I love Poland. It’s my home country, so it can be obvious for you that I love it. But WHY I love it?

Because of food. It’s not Italian cuisine of course. It’s heavy and fatty. That’s why we don’t eat it every day. But I love it! Awwww I could invite you to come to Poland only because of food. Pierogi, bigos, borsch soup and many many others! But about Polish cuisine I’ll write another time.

I also love my country because of our colourful folklore! Folk dresses, music, dances, little villages somewhere in beautiful countryside… Oh, I love Polish countryside! But not about Polish folklor I wanted to write.

There is one more thing I love in Poland. Cities with their picturesque colorful tenement houses! And… it’s a shame but from 10 most interesting cities in Poland I’ve been only to 6 of them.

Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society prepared a list of the most important attractions, monuments and national parks in my country called Sightseeing Canon of Poland. There is more than 500 objects to see on this list!

Among all objects there are 10 cities: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań, Toruń, Szczecin (Sh-che-cheen), Lublin, Sandomierz (Sand-oh-myesh), Przemyśl (Pshe-myshl). Of course there is also a list what to see in every city.

I’m not going to give you those lists here, but with this project I would love to invite you to come to Poland. So what I am going to do is to travel around my country and show you the most beautiful and interesting places. Poland is much more than just Krakow and Auschwitz!

In October I’m visiting Warsaw and Poznań. What I should visit in November? It’s up to you! Below I prepared a list of 5 cities to visit next month. Give your vote in the poll that is in right column of the blog’s main site. 🙂

I hope that you like the idea and you’ll follow me in my microadventures. And maybe you’ll prepare your own microadventures, too? 🙂 Stay tuned!

PS. This is a part of my huge project the Bucket List Challenge. It’s big and awesome and you should not miss it! 😉

1. Lublin

Lublin is the largest Polish city east of the Vistula River. A bit underrated comparing to other Polish cities and it shouldn’t be! Some tourist call it “little Krakow”, because of it traditional architecture and unique atmosphere of the Old Town, where you can see ruins among medieval buildings. It’s a city of youth – about 1/3 population account students – and it offers a large number of festival, theatres, museums and nightclubs.

I have never been to Lublin! And I have 10 monuments to see/visit here. It’s just a perfect city for 48 hours! 🙂

sources: flickr.com
source: Wikipedia

2. Toruń

Toruń is one of the oldest cities of Poland, it lies by the Vistula River. The medieval part of city was added to UNESCO List in 1997, the Old Town is very characteristic because of many Gothic buildings made of red brick. The city is a birthplace of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.  It’s also famous for yummy gingerbreads! 🙂

Toruń is one of my favourite Polish cities. I have been here several times but never seen the most important monuments and museums! So I want to visit it again and do some proper sightseeing! I have 12 monuments to see (I’ve seen only 3 so far…). Toruń is another perfect city for 48 hours!

sources: flickr.com
source: Wikipedia

3. Gdańsk

Gdańsk is a city on the Batlic coast. Because of the river connection with Krakow and Warsaw, it became very wealthy and was a member of Hanseatic League. In the past it was close to border of Slavic and Germanic seized lands and it used to be under Polish rule, German rule and self-rule as a free city. It has beautiful Old Town from Middle Ages and many shops with shiny amber. 😉

I’ve been to Gdańsk about 3 times in my life but never to typical sightseeing. I have 16 monuments to visit there and been already to only 4 of them… It’s not easy to see this city in 48 hours but let’s give it a try!

sources: flickr.com
source: Wikipedia

4. Wrocław

Wrocław has quite complicated and confusing history. Today it’s a city in Poland with German and Bohemian roots (however, it’s very sensitive and controversial topic for some Polish people) and many citizens say that it’s multinational and multicultural city. Wrocław has picturesque Main Market Square and Salt Market from Middle Ages and a monument from more modern history that was added to UNESCO List – The Centennial Hall. It was built in 1913 as a celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte by Germans and Prussians (The Hall was built when Wrocław was part of the German Empire).

I admit that I’ve never been to Wrocław and Silesia. It is defenitely a thing that needs to be changed! And, just as in  Gdańsk, I have 16 monuments to see here!

sources: flickr.com
source: Wikipedia

5. Kraków

Kraków, called a Royal City, is one of the oldest cities in Poland and one of the most important to our history. Krakow’s Market Square is the largest in Europe and Jagiellonian University is one of the oldest universities in the world. the city has a lot of landmarks from Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. Kraków is also popular because of it’s artistic atmosphere. The Old Town has been added to UNESCO List. It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Kraków is one of my favourite cities in Poland and in whole Europe. I’ve been here many times but only once I did some sightseeing. There is 22 monuments to see here and I’ve seen already 12 of them. Still some are waiting for me! 🙂

sources: flickr.com
source: Wikipedia


  1. Hey Hanna,
    Amazing post!
    Very informative!
    We hope to visit poland one day. We definently will refer to this when we do.
    geep up the great work!

    macrar and carolann
    from omemoderncouple.com

  2. Hello from Portugal :). We are voting for Lublin because we have never been there as well but we´ve heard very good things about this place! Can´t wait to read how did you like it :).

    Kasia and Marek from aguadecoco.pl

  3. Out of Polish cities Wroclaw impressed me the most. I‘ve been there this holidays. A very nice city, I visited it with Wratislavia Tour company, the tour guide talked about the city in a very interesting way. Once I will readily visit Wroclaw again!

  4. Wroclaw is pretty impressive, that’s truth. I’ve also been in Warsaw and Gdansk. These two are also very nice. Friendly and open minded people, great food and a lot to do. This year I’ve booked a few days in Dana hotel in Szczecin. I’ve beed told that this is also very nice city. Will see. 🙂

    • I’ve never been in Warsaw but I stay in Szczecin same Hotel Like You. 🙂 It was very nice trip to Szczecin,

    • Kajsa I had also a change to slept in Dana Hotel when I was in Szczecin few months ago 🙂 Great place – comfortable and tidy rooms, tasty cusine. Hotel is place in the city center so everywhere is so near 🙂

  5. Gdansk is definitely worth seeing! Lots of sights, very good hotels and restaurants with tasty and regional food. I was in Gdansk four times in different seasons and never got bored. It is worth to use a good service at visitgdansk.com. All important information in one place – you can easily plan a trip from A to Z 🙂

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